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Here are Duotech we understand the need for your business to run as smoothly as possible. It is hard enough sometimes to manage a company from the inside with all of your staff and clients to think about. Yet it is even more difficult when you decide to bring in outside sources. Relying on other companies can be fantastic if the do a good job but it can really stressful if they don't as you are hard pushed to manage a team that isn't from your company. Their work ethic and regulations can be completely different which can cause a lot of disagreement and stress for you. 

We understand how important it is for you to feel confident when you bring in external companies and we want you to be able to build lasting relationships that can help you to grow as a business and build in confidence and of course, profit!

We deal in cranes. We know cranes inside and out and know exactly what should and should and should not be expecting when using one. We also know the should and should not's when it comes to hiring a crane from an external company. Your primary concerns will be safety, efficiency and cost. These are also our three main concerns but we also like to deal with the little bits in between.


We make sure that any company that we recommend to you ticks all of our boxes and here are some of those boxes:

Cost - we want to make sure that you are getting the best price for your crane rental. We know how much is costs to deliver, run and collect a crane so we know when people are over or under pricing their crane rentals. Of course under pricing doesn't actually sound too bad, but if someone is pricing lower than the standard this usually means that the standard is lower.


Safety - we make sure that the cranes undergo full service and maintenance between each hire-out. We will only deal with a company that is committed and passionate about safety and therefore pride themselves on having the proper safety measures done and being happy with the results. We would much rather a company had to delay giving you their crane because they needed to fix something on it first, no matter how small the fix, then gave you a crane that was at risk of breaking. Of course if this were the case we would ensure that there was a back up crane ready to go, but you get our point.

Service - We only deal with the top companies around that are committed to top quality. We want manufacturers that we can trust and suppliers that we can rely on. All of the cranes are of the best quality and all of the companies are the most professional and certified that there are. 



If you are looking to purchase or hire a crane for you business then get in touch now!



>They know their cranes

Duotech Crane Hire provided us with all the information that we needed to make a good choice on a crane for our building work. They found us a great price, speedy delivery and all of the safety proceedures too!
Emily Reed


My company need to hire a lot of heavy machinery and Duotech Crane Hire are always our go to guys for that. They tell us the best iin the area and compare prices for us to save us the job!
Ben Smith